Tapestry crochet

Hey everyone, so I’ve seen loads of tapestry crochet about on Pinterest and fancied giving it a go. Here is my first attempt – featuring triangles of course!

The method is pretty simple, I used single crochet stitches, and whichever colour I wasn’t using for the stitch, I was crocheting over. To change colour you start using the new colour for the final yarn over and pull through of the stitch before. And that’s it! You could make any pattern you like using this technique. Im going to try hexagons next, but you could do chevrons, checkerboard, pictures of animals, anything. AND. No ends to sew in! 

For this one I used – drops Safran cotton yarn (4 ply) in Navy and White, and 2.5mm crochet hook.

Mermaid tail blanket

My latest project is this mermaid tail blanket – I borrowed the idea and pattern from here and changed the colours to make it stripy 🙂 to change colour instead of cutting at each row I kept the yarn attached but didn’t crochet over it, just left it hanging then lifted it up when time to start using it again. The mess is hidden on the inside though. 

Crochet pouf

Something else I’ve been working on – a crochet pouf. I vaguely followed the instructions from here. The only thing I changed was I reduced the number of front post double crochets so the stripes are wider. I think it turned out ok, maybe a little bit too holey at the sides. Next time I would use a chunkier yarn -this was Aran/worsted weight cotton yarn.

I stuffed it partly with some proper stuffing I bought, but that stuff is pretty expensive! So I also hid some old wool scraps and some old clothes inside there. It might be a littttttle bit lumpy as a result 🙂 but my theory is it will flatten out with use.

Triangle cushion #2

ta-dah!!! I finished my 2nd triangle cushion. I’m keeping this one for me 🙂 I made the triangles a lot bigger this time and used heavier yarn (Drops Paris) so it took much less time. For the back I cut up and old t-shirt and handsewed it onto the crochet, it looks ok! The crochet part folds over at the back and is sewed down at the sides to make a kind of pouch… so you can get the cushion out without unpicking the sewing 🙂

Geometric cushion

Hi everyone 🙂 I’ve been working on this triangle cushion for the last week or so. It was a lot of work making all those triangles and then sewing them together, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

I’m addicted to triangles now, so I’m already working on the next one…


So I thought I’d try crocheting something summer-y, as the sun’s out! The past few weeks I’ve been making beach/market bags using cotton yarn. Some of them I followed a pattern which I will link to, and others I either adapted patterns or designed myself. For all of them I used Drops Muskat 100% cotton DK yarn, and a 4mm hook.

Colour block beach totes

IMG_20170506_134905For these I followed the pattern from here, and used my own choices of colours. They are really roomy and stretchy and great for shopping and also for carrying crochet bags around to take pictures of them on beaches.

Zig zag beach bag

For this one I adapted the instructions for doing a round chevron blanket which I found here: crochetville forum. Then I just stopped increasing once I achieved my desired width. At the top of the bag I did 2 rounds of SC’s and then made the handle the same as for the two beach totes in the section above

Mandala bag


I made the pattern up for this as I went along. I basically made 2 identical mandalas, and then made a strip of a few rows of double crochets to join them together and give the bag depth, and then I added a single crochet strap. If anyone is interested in the pattern, comment on this and I’d be happy to add it.